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This is a procedure that can save your pet's life

No one wants to imagine their beloved pet wandering off and getting lost or, worse, being stolen.

Unfortunately, these things happen every day. And no matter how careful you are about keeping your pet safely at home where they belong, no family is immune to disaster. It only takes a few seconds for a dog to jump a fence in pursuit of a rabbit, and a cat can sneak out an open door in a flash. Having your pet microchipped before disaster strikes boosts your odds of seeing them again if they ever disappear. 

We perform pet microchipping in Little Elm right here at SimpleVet Pet Hospital, and we would be more than happy to provide this potentially life-saving procedure for your pet. 
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When to Expect When Having Your Pet Microchipped

Microchipping is quick and easy. It doesn’t even require anesthesia or numbing. Each chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected below the skin between the shoulder blades using a syringe. It feels a lot like getting a shot, and many animals don’t even realize anything is happening during the procedure. 

Once chipped, your pet has a permanent form of identification rescuers can use to reunite you with them if they ever get lost. Every microchip has a unique identification number linked to an online database. When you register the chip, you’ll enter your contact information, including your phone number and address. If rescuers find your pet and bring them to an animal shelter or veterinarian’s office, an employee will scan them for a microchip. Once a chip is detected, the scanner displays the ID number. The employee then uses that number to access your contact information in the database. As long as the information is current, they’ll then contact you. 

Microchips do not have GPS capabilities, so they won’t tell you where your pet is. They also don’t store your personal information. A microchip only stores the ID rescuers can use to look up your contact information.
Pet Microchipping in Little Elm

Pet Microchipping in Little Elm

Having your pet microchipped takes just a few moments, and they can resume their normal activities immediately after leaving our office. For pet microchipping in Little Elm and the surrounding areas, look no further than the team at SimpleVet Pet Hospital. Please call now to schedule an appointment. 

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SimpleVet Pet Hospital performs pet microchipping for dogs and cats in Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper, Aubrey, Denton, and the surrounding areas.

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