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Routine care for your pets is a smart investment in their long-term health and can help detect problems early or prevent them altogether. A SnoutPass is a bundle of preventive medicine and services that pets need every year, offering regular checkups, vaccinations, and tests at an exclusive monthly price. Once enrolled, you can begin utilizing your benefits immediately, ensuring your furry companions live happier, healthier lives!
Plan Details
Standard Snout Adult Comprehensive Plan Includes
-All the required vaccines annually and semi-annually
-Annual Fecal Exam
-Annual Deworming
-Annual Complete Blood Panel
-Heartworm Test (Dog)/FelV and FIV test (Cat)
-Free Unlimited Office Visits

Standard Snout Puppy/Kitten Plan Includes
-All the required vaccines (3 visits) for Puppy and Kittens
-Annual Fecal Exam-Annual and Semi Annual Deworming
-Annual Complete Blood Panel
-Heartworm Test (Dog)/FelV and FIV test (Cat)
-Free Unlimited Office Visits

Following services can be added (Add-On) to spread out the cost over a year
-Neuter/Spay (6M and younger)
-Dental Cleaning
-Heartworm Prevention for 12 Months.

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After Hours Veterinary Emergency Hospital

Please contact and take your pet to the nearest Veterinary Urgent Care/Emergency Hospital for any after hours, urgent/emergency care needs your pet may have.

Frisco Emergency Pet Care
Address: 10150 Legacy Dr, #500, Frisco, TX 75033
Phone: (469) 287-6767

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